Representative John Rose Resumes Official Duties Following Family Emergency

November 4, 2019
Press Release

Cookeville, TN – U.S. Representative John Rose left Washington Wednesday and returned to Tennessee where his wife, Chelsea, had been hospitalized earlier that day due to complications related to her pregnancy of their expected son. Sadly, even with careful medical treatment, their baby did not survive and his chance at life ended on Friday, November 1 at Cookeville Regional Medical Center (CRMC) where he was delivered.

John and Chelsea shared the following statement after the passing of their son:

"We are heartbroken by the unexpected loss of our anticipated baby boy. God filled our hearts with joy and hope when we learned that we would be blessed with another child. We may not get to walk with him in this life, but we pray we see him in Glory one day. We ask for your prayers for us, our son Guy, our family, and our close friends who will help us move forward in the days ahead. We extend sincere thanks to our doctor and the capable nurses who gave this child every chance. Further, we extend our sympathy to families who have gone through or are going through extraordinary loss, such as this."

Chelsea Rose was released from CRMC Saturday in good condition. Sunday, the couple, their two year old son, Guy, and several family members held a graveside service for the baby, Mack Wayne Rose, in the Rose family cemetery on the Rose farm in Temperance Hall, TN.