Rose Backs President Trump in Funding the Wall

February 27, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressman John Rose (R-TN6) released the following statement after voting to support the President in fully funding the wall along our nation’s unsecured southern border:

“I stand with the President’s decision to declare a national emergency to end the threats coming into our country through the open border,” said Congressman Rose. “This decision is within the President’s lawful purview and past presidents freely exercised this authority.”

The President alone has authority to declare a national emergency at his discretion. Prior to President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to address the crisis at our southern border, there were 31 national emergencies in effect. Of those still in effect, ten were declared by President Obama.

“Sadly, Democrats have continued political stunts and recklessly neglected the crisis at our southern border. Democrats only now call foul on a president’s use of emergency declaration power, apparently putting their hostility toward President Trump above the needs of the American people,” Rose continued. “Every day the Democrats delay construction of the wall is another day American lives are at risk.”

Traffickers and violent criminals invade our southern border daily. The President, following recommendations by national security officials, requested $5.7 billion to secure our southern border. Democrats refused to meet the President’s funding requests, allocating only $1.3 billion.

“I voted against the Democrats’ legislation that would terminate the President’s declaration and I call on Speaker Pelosi to stop political games,” stated Rose. “We must build the wall.”