Rose Statement on Border Wall Funding and Government Shutdown

January 9, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressman John Rose (R-Tennessee) issued the following statement on border security and the government shutdown:

"The matter of protecting our border should not be a political game played by politicians in Washington. Real lives are at stake. I remain steadfast in my belief that physical barriers, like President Trump’s wall, are an essential part of the solution and the logical next step.

I continue to stand with President Trump and his strong push to find the necessary funding to build such a wall. The good folks of the 6th Congressional District in Tennessee deserve no less. The brave men and women guarding our borders who are put in harm’s way on a daily basis deserve no less, and our country deserves no less.

Tennessee does it right. We keep taxes low, yet we pay our bills and meet our responsibilities. Congress should take note.

I wish Speaker Pelosi and our colleagues on the left were as interested in funding effective national border security, which is a fundamental and unambiguous core responsibility of our federal government, as they are in opposing President Trump no matter what he says or does. I also wish that the Democrats had agreed to fund the border wall without the government having to be shut down. But since that is where we are, I will not accept my congressional pay until those who are furloughed from the shutdown, through no fault of their own, are again able to receive their pay."