Rose Votes "NO" on Bloated Spending Bill

February 15, 2019
Press Release
Rose Votes "NO" on Bloated Spending Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Last night, Congressman John Rose (R-Tenn.) voted no on the government spending bill that failed to honor our national security obligations and keep the promises he made to the people of Tennessee.

“I ran for Congress to make positive change for our country so my child, and your children, will be able to inherit a country just as full of freedom and opportunity as we inherited from our parents. That prospect is currently under serious threat, and I believe this large spending bill that was presented to us yesterday by Speaker Nancy Pelosi takes us further in the wrong direction, leaving me no choice but to vote ‘no’ on the legislation.

“If Congress were a courtroom, this legislation would have been labeled ‘Peoples’ Exhibit #1’ as evidence on why Congress is held in such low esteem by so many. Following are a few examples.
“The Democrats currently in charge of the House of Representatives ‘allowed’ us to see this lengthy 1,159-page piece of legislation only yesterday – the same day we were tasked to read it, comprehend it, and then vote on it. This grossly misdirected process reminded me of how Obamacare was first passed by the House, when Speaker Pelosi famously announced that she had to first pass the bill in order to see what was in it. Such antics are nonsense.

“Any bill that large is bound to have a few things in it that are good, and this bill is no exception. For example, funding for the border wall is increased by $1.375 billion, which is a slight improvement, but not remotely close to what is needed. Thankfully, President Trump has found a way to move a few billion more dollars from other areas of the budget to spend on the wall. But in exchange for funds that were appropriated specifically for wall construction, the price tag for the entire spending bill ballooned to a whopping $58.215 billion more than the President’s spending request, all at a time when the federal government is running deficits in excess of 1 TRILLION DOLLARS and our nation’s total debt has topped 22 TRILLION DOLLARS. Spending such huge sums of borrowed money is irresponsible.

“President Trump has correctly clamped down on the ‘catch and release’ enforcement process. As a consequence, many more illegal immigrants are now being detained before they disappear into the interior of our country. But this spending agreement does not provide the funds to house these increased numbers of detainees. As a result, once again, the number of illegal immigrants being released into our country will increase considerably. It makes no sense to provide funding to stop illegal crossings only to fail to provide the necessary funds to detain the illegal immigrants while their cases are processed.

“Congress can and must do better than this. When we do, I look forward to supporting a commonsense budget that represents the values and interests of the people of Tennessee.”